Living creature

There is something very beautiful in fractals.
We are looking at the symmetry and feel just right. 
But I think there is something even more beautiful. It's alive creature. Something that's growing, something that is loved, taken care of, sometimes die a little bit and other time just blooms.
It is a baby of mine, its my project.
This is not only my baby is the teamwork, team effort.

There is a tool that can show you how to project live. It's only about creating updating deleting files, not the whole proces behide it but it still vital. And its really beautiful to look at. In this project there are 3 parts. One is Xamarin app, both android and iOS. Second part is Web Api with database and some other components and the third part is back office web application.
As you will see there is many players in our team. It's 4 to 9 developers. Some of us were just designed to create one part of the application other developers were spending their time in every part of the application.
My baby's name is Bilo and my its is on the market now. My team spent 20 months creating it.
We didn't start at first in VSTS, we had on premises server. So the initial commit was such a big one because we already had some stuff written. From that it's just each day work.

The application is called Gource and you can download it and run on your git repository.
My story was generated with one of the arguments combination:
gource -s 1 -hide dirnames,filenames,progress,usernames
gource -b ACA89F -s 1 -hide dirnames,filenames,progress,usernames -c 3
gource -b BFBAB0 -s 1 -hide dirnames,filenames,progress,usernames,date -c 3  --camera-mode overview

Unfortunately it's not easy to capture the living creature, or rather show it.
I also use December state as my background image ;)

Gource live is great, but to get it in any solid form is not so easy and nice.

You can download bilo live progress from here small and big file.
And below you can see bilo on march 13 2017.
I will describe it a little. We have web Api - it's the top screen big branch. Xamarin application with iOA and Android platform specific interfaces - the right bottom biggest branch, the iOS part is with the light blue compact flower (those are resources like images), and android is the blue and red flower. I created quite expanded architecture for this application so the common parts are much bigger than the mobile interfaces, but this is the strength of Xamarin - common part.
We also have two websites, the official one and back office - it's left side of the screen, and some small tools and configuration as a code - the little outgrowths in the middle of our tree.
 and zoom on mobile part of project.

I also use March status as my background (only Api and Mobile)


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