Azure Tomcat 7


Yeah I stumbled a bit writing in Azure stories. Create App Service about creating Tomcat 8 application. Well not that this is not correct or functional, it's just that I don't know how to deploy application to this App Service. It's full Tomcat and I know Tom Cat but no Tomcat 8. That's why I will live it to you. Sorry. But hopefully the simple solution I will present in moment will also be helpful in may other cases.

I'm creating one more App Service, this time it will be just Web App with some properties  that will allow me to use Tomcat 7.

The newly created App Service needs to known that I want to use Java and Tomcat 7 I set those properties on Application Settings:

This is enough to run application. You can see the whole process below and folders and files structure on ftp and working empty site.


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