First build with Vsts and GitHub

I'm going to create simple build with different test frameworks the repository is already available on my GitHub. So Vsts will contain build definition and GitHub contains the code. I need to make a connection between them.

I already created project on Vsts now I navigate to Builds and create new empty build

I create empty build for GitHub. When new empty build is created it will inform you that there is no repository. There is also no repository that can be chosen because now we don't have any connections to GitHub. We need to add one - use Manage button.
 Manage button navigates to project settings to Service subsection. It's a place where you can find all services and other endpoints connected to your project. In the future I will add azure connection here. So lets choose GitHub and authenticate Vsts in GitHub:

 Now when the service is configured it can be use in any build definition.

This is enough to have the first really empty build definition. Save build definition and queue new build. When fired build agent will get repository from GitHub, then clean up and finish. That's it first empty build fired and finished successfully. Unfortunately export on empty build is not working so this time screenshots only.

And now the whole process in one gif thanks to ScreenToGif


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