Azure stories. Create App Service

Lately I was talking about difference in PaaS and IaaS. I will probably come back to IaaS in the future, but most of the time I'll concentrate on PaaS solutions. PaaS is much closer to mine mindset, it's more intuitive for developer. I don't want to know (mostly) what's inside PaaS, what's under the hood, I just want it to work.
I want to create to very simple pages both displaying only Hello World, based on .Net and Java.
First the code and deployment packages. You can find full explanation here, and we can assume that we have 'something' ready to be deployed.
Where I can deploy it?

App Service. It's very nice intro here. App Service is basically platform for running web sites, APIs mobile apps or logic apps (loosely coupled functions). I'm interested for this moment in Web App - fully managed compute platform that is optimized for hosting web sites and web applications.

Let's go to Azure portal.
Of course to work with Azure you need to have some Azure credits. I have mine from MSDN subscription (150$/month for education purpose), you can get yours also from Dev-Essentials, Microsoft Imagine formerly DreamSpark, or trial version (or just buy some credits).

Creating is very easy just click green plus sign, find service that you want and create. Of course there will be a lot of questions asked in the way.
For creating AppService you need to create some additional resources or choose existing. I will create new ones, starting with Resource Group

First I create App Service based on Tomcat 8. After creating web site is ready to use (you need to wait for it a little because it's 'cold starting' - I deleted the waiting time form presentation).

Second Web App I've created from resource group overview blade. To have both applications in the same resource and App Service Plan (with the same pricing tier).


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