Azure post deployment scripts

Let's do a trick. After deploying application (that was easy with Ftp or Git) it would be nice to take some action. For example send an email, or write release notes to release page. I will do much fancier thing - I will write some text to console output.

To be exact this is part of Kudu and here is the description of the post deployment solution.
Kudu is the engine behind git deployments in Azure App Services. It can also run outside of Azure. It's very big and powerful tool. It can be used for triggering deployment, adding actions or accessing ftp files and other stuff.
Kudu is so nice that it will run all scripts that you place in directory site\deployments\tools\PostDeploymentActions one by one, without any other configuration. Just place scripts in this directory and it will happen.

You don't event need to create updates for your application. Post deployment scripts will fire every time deployment (or re-deployment) will fire.


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