Azure Tomcat 7. Release

Release the Kraken! Finally that I have ready infrastructure and I've shown the internals through Ftp, I can make the release. Release definition you can find here. This is very simple definition because it contains only one task -> copy WAR file to Azure using Ftp.

Ftp task needs to be configured to upload file from build artifacts to directory
I additionally created variable for this release definition to hide my ftp password.

After uploading WAR file Azure is taking care of it's deployment what you can see in ftp folder - there is a directory called exactly like the WAR file and this is also a rooting path. I can navigate to working application. 
That's pretty it. Using ftp you can update war file and site itself. Thanks to release definition it can be automated. It could be end of this story. But there are also other options to deploy java application.


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