My opinions

My opinion doesn't count.

My opinion doesn't count the because I like someone and I'm not objective about what he's doing or his work outcomes.
My opinion doesn't count when choosing new team members because I like some people at first sight and hate others the same way. Because I like to work with some skill sets more than with others.
My opinion doesn't count because I like some technologies. For example I am Microsoft fanboy so I'm not objective when were talking about any differentiation eg Windos vs OSX or Linux.
My opinion doesn't count because I like my red Android smartphone because it's a rad and because it's sick and it's great for assumptions that I made for it and because I just like it. so I don't have saying choosing smartphones by others.
My opinion this doesn't count in fashion chooses I definetly don't have any sens of style. 
My opinion doesn't count in choosing color because I like for example red and gray.
My opinion doesn't count because I'm a developer and I'm not objective when it's coming to deciding what functionalities in application are useful. I see world differently so I'm not objective.
My opinion doesn't count when I'm choosing techanalogy to be used, because I already used some of technologies, libraries, third parties components, so I have some idea how they work and what can go wrong and there's a reason why I don't like one or another but still my opinion isn't objective so it doesn't count.
I'm a C# developer so I'm choosing C# over any other languages because I know it I'm not objective I do it for myself.
And finally my opinion doesn't count because I'm emotional, I'm emotional woman so I see world in different colors because I add more emotions to it.

My opinion doesn't count on any level of my decision making ability so how can I make any decisions??


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