Azure and Java resources shelved for later use

I had a plan to create few posts about Azure related with Java and my work at one clients application. Here is the full Azure and Java story. I've created quite a lot of App Services in a process (it never work the first time I try to record it) and now all those resources are eating my virtual MSDN money!
I could delete all of them. But if I wanted to come back some day and continue this story?
I decided that I need to archive this structure.

One option is to write some kind of documentation, well I kinda did it in my story.
But there is another way. Create resource template and save it for future use.
On Resource Group page you can find Automation script tab. After a while Azure generates ready to use template available for download or save to local library. Script is prepared in wide range of languages (scripting and programming languages).

I added my script to library and try to redeploy it to new resource group. Stupidly enough - because I didn't change a thing I couldn't redeploy app services with the same names to new group (the names where already taken).

Let's delete the original resource group and redeploy again.
Deleting resource group results in deleting all resources that are inside the group. And now the names are free to use again. I create new Resource Group for easier deleting it later, and agree to Purchase all resources that template will create.
Now it works just fine. Now I have my resources scripted in my local library, ready to use in future.


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