Hardware in my handbag

I'm Microsoft fanboy. I code in  C#. But I'm also mobile developer (I like to thinkt about myself as a full stack mobile developer). That's why I have a lot of hardware in my purse everyday. And even more on conferences.

In now a day I'm Android oriented developer, but also an iOS developer. I didn't wrote any
Windows10 code and a lot of water has passed under the bridge since I wrote anything on Windows Phone.
With the background of technologies that I am or was programming you can gues that I have
  • Windows Phone - Lumia 925 - white
  • Android - Asus Zenfon Go (kitkat) - red
  • Apple - iPad mini 4 - space grey
Lumia with it's great camera was of course a test device, but when my Windows Phone 8.1 development ended it became the Phone - the device for calling (and occasionally for great pictures).
iPad is great for conferences. Skype, Facebook, OneNote, taking pictures and notes, conference applications. And the best available battery lifetime (it's enough for whole day notes). It's only Wi-Fi, that takes less power, but sometimes there is no Wi-Fi available and I need to use tethering from red (Asus). Red also works as go out device: Endomondo, shopping, bank applications, maps, music.

I love my Lumia it's really great device with a long battery lifetime, camera (it has additional camera physical button that I love). But I's quite old in the moment. It's not easy to find applications for windows phone 8.1, Skype is just.. unusable, even bank applications are disappearing. But I still love it, and always will :) Unfortunately almost two years ago i broke the glass, it still works fine and it's almost not disturbing normal use, but still - it's broken.
Actually there is a fun story behind it. I had had very bad work experience and I decided to take time out of work to gather my strength for next turn. I started to eat healthy and run. So one day my music-playing/exercise-tracking Lumia... just fell of my pocket and landed on a pavement with broken glass. I was so mad at myself, so furious that I just lost my (almost new) great phone that I decided it's  time to go to work and buy a new one. I sent 4 CV that night. And a week later I already had a job. So because of this broken glass I've got the best job so far.

My new job (I still work the same place) was Xamarin developer. At first I was supposed to be Android developer - of course that I bought Android device in first week. My decision was to buy a budget phone. On reason was my budget but the other was perfect testing device, I didn't even know how much. My Asus is KitKat, Intel based, narrow screen device. Perfect for all fails ;P

After a year in Xamarin development, and some loses to team I decided one day 'I need Apple device'. I really don't cope good with loses, and loosing a team member, a friend is always very hard for me. Of course that is also a way how the friends network spreads through companies, but still world is much nicer place without changes. I've got Lumia for calling and Asus for pocket outdoor tool. I decided to buy iPad. I just found where I can buy space grey and that was it.
I never was an Apple fanboy, but I enjoy iPad. It's great for notes, my favorite application is OneNote and Outlook. It's great for Skype and Facebook - all the indoors/work/conferences/meetings activities. Especially because of good battery life, after whole day taking notes I still have power to play some board game. It probably wouldn't be possible with iPhone ;)

It's good that I'm a woman and I can wear big handbags, because everyday I have three pieces of hardware in my bag. On conferences and travels I also have power banks, well I don't need them because  I have three batteries anyway, but my friends always need some more power.

I think this is great solution. Specialization over universality.

PS. There is one more piece of hardware. The one to rule them all, well not all I's not MacBook, but it's my developer machine. 14" gaming MSI laptop with i7HQ and 16GB ram, it's great and I love it so much that I use it as my work machine so I also carry it everyday work-home.


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